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School-Year Guardian Service (在校期间监护人服务)


A service utilized Belong Experiences will serve at the main point of contact between client and independent schools during the school year. 必朗体验提供学生在校期间的帮助。


  1. Provide transportation and lodging suggestions including booking (if necessary) for client and parents during Opening of School, Parents' Weekend, etc. 帮助家长和学生预定在学校报到日期间的住宿和交通工具 。

  2. Attend school registration and moving day to serve as a translator or guardian. 作为监护人和翻译出席学生所在学校的登记日和入住日。(如果家长无法出席)

  3. Assist or provide school vacation transportation and accommodations. 学生假期住宿帮助。

  4. Attend parent’s weekend and other school events. 作为监护人出席学生的家长会或学校重大活动。(如果家长无法出席)

  5. Serve as guardian for students in all correspondence with school. 作为监护人协调学生在校期间的所有事宜,并在家长和学校之间进行及时沟通。


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