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Consultant Service (申请学校顾问服务)


Pre-application Service (申请学校预备服务)

Belong Experiences offers a range of consulting services for applicants looking for junior boarding, (middle school grades 6-9) and high school, (grades 9-11).   必朗体验帮助客户选择合适的美国高校或初中 (6-9年级或9-11年级)。


Services Include (服务包括):


  1. Assistance with creating a list of safety, target, and reach schools. 辅助学生建立适合自身的高校或初中列表。(8-10所学校)

  2. Consult on previous crafted school lists.  提供学校申请建议。

  3. One-on-one private phone or video mock interview with former independent school headmaster.  与前私立高校校长通过一对一的电话或视频交流进行面试准备训练。

  4. One-on-one private phone or video mock interview with the current (Eight School Association or The Ten Schools) admission officer.  与现任8校协会或10校协会学校招生办人员通过一对一的电话或视频交流进行面试准备训练。


Interview Process (面试过程)

Belong Experiences will serve at the main point of contact between clients and applicants schools before and during their visit to the U.S. for their interview process.  必朗体验会在学生和申请学校之间进行面试协调。  


Services Include (服务包括):


  1. Schedule client’s interviews at schools during their visit to the U.S. 给学生预约合适的面试时间。

  2. Provide transportation and lodging suggestions including booking (if necessary) for client and parents during U.S. visit. 帮助家长和学生预定在美住宿和交通工具。(如果需要)

  3. Coordinate transportation to and from client’s interviews. 协调面试学校来往的交通工具。(如果需要)

  4. Attend client’s interviews and serve as a translator (if necessary) or guardian (if parents are not able to attend U.S. visit). 出席学生的所有面试,并给予帮助。


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